24-hour assisted living, providing excellent and professionally trained staff. 

Home Sweet Home Care Services


Live-in Home Care


  • 24-hr. personal care

  • Bed bound patient care

  • Getting in and out of bed and chairs

  • Dressing

  • Getting to and from the toilet

  • Bathing

  • Dealing with incontinence or diapers

  • Feedings (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks as tolerated)

  • Meals provided according to doctor's orders.

  • Telephone- limited to local calls only.

  • Cable TV at no extra cost

  • Medication-our primary goal is the welfare and safety of our residents, it will be necessary for the resident, guardian, or family member to provide medication, and personal grooming products.

  • Laundry- Housekeeping , linens, clothes, comforters, etc. will be washed regulary.